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January 14, 2010

The Customers Always Write

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By Rich Trzupek

Time once again for some highlights from my inbox, which – after neglecting it for a few weeks – was more full than ever after running a couple of climategate columns. Whenever one talks about global warming, one does generate some “heated” debate.


By the by, any future correspondents out there should note, that while writing to me may result in me sharing your thoughts with our fine readers, I will not use your name unless you specifically tell me that is OK. This is unlike our policy for Letters to the Editor, which always require a name, but in the Cheap Seats almost anything goes.

Let’s start with my personal favorite:

You’re an idoit (sic) and I wish you would stop writing this crap in the Examiner. Isn’t there enough out there already?

This publication would be so much better without your faux news (wing nut) commentary.

People know were to find politics (it’s everywhere).

I buy this publication to read what’s up in our community … not your moranic (sic) outdated views.

My view from the cheap seats.

Comment: I am torn between two clever observations: 1) I may be an idiot, but at least I know how to use spell check, and 2) I wish my wife would stop e-mailing me.

Fortunately for my fragile ego, I do get some positive reinforcement from time to time too, like this fellow:

I just read your letter to our elected representatives about the recent stonewalling of the Global Warming (sorry, “climate change”…the new term since it stopped warming) scientific data and thought it was an excellent account of the issue.  I hope, but rather doubt, that you will get a response from most of those to whom you addressed the letter.

I am also deeply troubled about the lack of transparency in this most important issue, as well as the healthcare debate.  We have a president that campaigned on the premise that he would preside over the most transparent administration ever.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I choose to pay attention to his acts and not his words.

Our economy is suffering largely because we had a housing bubble and not because of a failure of the private sector.  The Obama administration, along with Pelosi and Reid, are preying on people’s fears and taking advantage of the situation by mischaracterizing the problems and blaming the previous administration in order to gain control of a large sector of the economy.  They wish to lock in more votes by perpetuating dependence on government.  They have this elitist attitude that government knows best, and subscribe to the notion that there is such thing as “smart government.”

Dean Kelley


Abbott Land & Investment Corp.

Comment: The silence from the representatives and Senators that I addressed my climategate column to is deafening, but – as this Mr. Kelley implies – entirely predictable.

Then we had this:

Don’t get yourself all in an uproar over this alleged “scandal.”  After all, didn’t the Bush administration try to censure any scientist that had proof of global warming?  I just want to know how the anti global warming proponents explain the rise in temperature of ALL the world’s oceans with the resulting dying off of coral reefs.  Then there’s that inconvenient truth for you people of shrinking glaciers, etc.  Explain that one away Ritchie Boy!

I imagine you’re feverishly working on a column for next week decrying Obama’s decision to increase troops in Afghanistan. Yep, that’s where the effort should have been made all these years instead of Iraq looking for those pesky WMD.  Oh, make sure you include that quote and accompanying smirk by George Bush about 8 years ago, “The Taliban is out of business.”  Remember that one?  I’ll bet you’ll conveniently leave that out since it’s right up there with “mission accomplished” from the deck of the aircraft carrier.  Have a great week in “Ritchieland.”

Comment: I rather expect that this gentlemen meant “censor”, rather than “censure”, since said scientists were not members of the Senate or anything (and nobody would censure the coolest scientist who has ever been in the Senate: global warming skeptic Dr. Harrison Schmidt, who is both a scientist AND an astronaut) but I rather suspect that he is asking me whether George W. Bush (before he drank the Kook Aid) attempted to stop us from pouring billions of dollars into the pockets of government-funded scientists who can’t believe that the climate is continuing to change for the same entirely natural reasons as it has for – I don’t know – millions of years, then the answer is: “yes, he did”.

To keep everything, in balance, shall we close on a high note?

We shall:

Dear Rich,

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you wrote this letter. I read it and this is something that I have thought for a long time. I hope you get a legitimate response from these lawmakers and I hope the mainstream media starts to talk about this in their newscast. Since the story broke about 2 weeks ago, it has not been mentioned by MSNBC,ABC,CBS, OR NBC. I hope that you can get some answers and look forward to reading your follow up articles.

Thank you so much.

Comment: You’re welcome.


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