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January 14, 2010


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By Rich Trzupek

God knows why, but Scandinavia has not been kind to Barack Hussein Obama. In the future, the President might be well-advised to stick to the more southerly portions of Europe when making his travel plans.

First we had the spectacle of the leader of the free world running off to Copenhagen in hopes of securing the Olympics for Chicago, only to see the Windy City blown out of the competition in round one.

Then, of course, the President flew to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded in recognition of all of Obama’s remarkable accomplishments during his first twelve days in office. That embarrassing episode left even many of this President’s strongest supporters in the media cringing.

And now we have this – what are they calling it? – oh yeah: “accord.” It’s not a treaty, not an agreement – it’s an accord. Perhaps calling it the “Copenhagen flim-flam” would have been too embarrassing, if not more accurate.

When the President flew out to Denmark last Friday, his supporters anxiously waited for him to work his magic, expecting Obama to transform what had been Jokenhagen into Hopenhagen. What they got was Nopenhagen.

The mainstream media did its best to put a brave face on the non-agreement. After weeks of quoting supposed “climate experts” who assured everyone that Copenhagen represented our last chance to save the planet from a fiery fate, it seems that we can still wait a bit. “An important first step” is the way many media outlets tried to spin Copenhagen after the fact. Yeah. Sure.

Environmental groups, who love nothing better than to vent their ever-present anger, found a ready target in Obama. Protesters in Copenhagen held up signs bearing the President’s image, emblazoned with the words “climate shame.”

And, for those people who believe that human activity is affecting the planet’s climate, this is an appropriate conclusion I suppose. This President, after all, promised to reverse the rise of the oceans, which, seeing as how the oceans have been steadily and slowly rising for several thousand years, seems like a pretty remarkable goal.

Yet, if that is your goal, and if you believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vital to achieving that goal, then coming home with a document that makes some vague, easily avoided promises to reduce emissions to an unspecified level and forks over $30 billion for third world dictators to play with, it’s easy to see why tree-huggers everywhere would see right through the very weak deception.

Of course scientists in the skeptic camp, including this one, cheered the result. Whatever spin you put on it, the Copenhagen Accord is essentially nothing more than another push. All the big shooters will fly into Mexico City on their private jets once again next year, in order to wring their hands some more and redistribute a few billion more. And so on and so on.

Which is good news for those Americans who have grown accustomed to luxuries like food and electricity. If the crazies had their way in Copenhagen, energy prices in this country would at least double and, with even more agricultural land moved over to the production of bio-fuels, food prices would skyrocket. Our economy is already on life-support. Anything more than an “accord” in Copenhagen would pretty much be the equivalent of pulling the plug.

Much of the credit for this happy non-result goes to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who is perfectly willing to promise reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but wants no part of making those reductions verifiable. This strategy is right out of page one of the Red Chinese environmental playbook. The People’s Republic builds lots of new coal-fired power plants every year, each equipped with state of the art pollution control devices, but they rarely actually run those devices, because doing so costs money. So of course Jiabao is very happy to say he’s going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in his country. But actually prove it? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Fortunately, even our terminally naïve President wasn’t foolish enough to enter into an agreement that would see the United States making real reductions while China relied on the pretend variety. No doubt Jiabao would have loved that, but Obama held firm – at least this time.

The Copenhagen Accord won’t make for a very happy holiday season for most environmentalists. For the rest of us though? It will be a very merry Christmas indeed.


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