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November 18, 2009

No Problems Here

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By Rich Trzupek

Assuming that we are all aware of the current threat level and that we will remain vigilant in the fight against terror, we may be able to discuss other topics this week. And by “the fight against terror” I am of course referring to the ever-present danger that the actions of a few so-called “jihadists” might yet result in a backlash directed against Muslims in America.

As the United States Army Chief of Staff, General George Casey so eloquently said, when speaking about the Fort Hood massacre: “…as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.” Well, duh! As if thirteen lives – fourteen if you count the unborn child that one of the murdered women was carrying (but of course the unborn do not count as “lives” in modern America) – could possibly be as important as maintaining diversity!

While there have been no actual, recorded instances of American Muslims being killed or injured in fits of “angry white male backlash”, the danger of that happening is worse than ever. The actions of Major Hasan – an ethnic Palestinian who donned Pakistani jihadist garb and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” repeatedly while gunning down his unarmed comrades, all of this following the Major’s extensive correspondence with Al Queda – led some Americans to react in a knee-jerk fashion that is so typical of right-wing nut jobs.

It has been reliably reported, for example, that some would-be cowboy in North Dakota looked at a Muslim with an expression that has been described as “suspicion”. Clearly, this presages bad times if we do not remain alert. Just imagine how ugly those looks will get if some jihadist kills another dozen or so innocent people in the weeks to come! Mo matter. We will move on, ever so cautiously.

Let us start by observing that Barack Obama may be the most physically-fit American President in the long history of our nation. The President demonstrated his remarkable ability to bend himself almost double while paying his respects to Japanese Emperor Akihito last week.

I doubt whether either of the Bushes could have pulled this off and I’m certain that Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney could not have bowed even half so far without inducing a fatal heart attack. Obama bent so low that he was in imminent danger to staining his nose with his own shoe polish. It was an amazing performance.

It was also a unique performance. Up to and until the enlightened leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, American Presidents made it a point never to bow, or kneel, or to perform any other act that indicated subservience, to foreign leaders. Hell, we don’t even dip our flag during the Olympic parade.

There was a well thought out reason for this contrarian behavior. It has never been about America’s supposed superiority (which Obama can’t wait to apologize for), it has rather been about the doctrine that “all men are created equal”. If that five word theorem is true, then there is no reason for any one person – particularly the leader of our republic – to bow down before any other person.

Obama may have thought that he was paying due respect to another culture. He bowed down before the King of Saudi Arabia as well, for much the same reason. Sadly, then and now, the President wasn’t paying respect to anyone’s culture, not in any practical effect anyway. Obama was rolling over and peeing on himself, in the expectation that King Fahd and Emperor Akihito wouldn’t think bad things about the President of the United States or the nation that he supposedly leads.

Meanwhile, the leftist website codepink.com drew the ultimate conclusion from Major Hasan’s massacre of thirteen (or fourteen, depending on who is counting) comrades. To quote codepink:

“The recent shootings at Ft. Hood and the resignation of top Foreign Service officer Matthew Hoh demonstrate how even our military officers are opposed to US strategy in Afghanistan.”

Now, to review, the Fr. Hood shooter was – at the very least – a psychotic jihadist and Matthew Hoh is – in reality – a conflicted reservist in a relatively minor position. Add to that the fact the US does not currently have a “strategy in Afghanistan”. Indeed, it’s quite the opposite. The Obama administration has officially declared that all existing Afghanistan strategies are officially unacceptable. Strategy auditions are still being held.

But let’s not allow our attention to be diverted from those things that matter. Somewhere, somehow, an innocent American Muslim may have to endure uncomfortable, untrusting facial expressions from despicable white American males. That would truly be a tragedy. Remain vigilant America. If we hang together, we’ll make sure that everyone feels comfortable – at all times. For that is, as we all know, what really matters.


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  1. Excellent analysis, Rich. I hope you do an article on why trying the 9-11 masterminds in NY City is a BAD idea, next!

    Comment by Wild Bill — November 19, 2009 @ 10:37 am | Reply

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