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November 12, 2009

Motive? What Motive?

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dragnet20300x240EXAMINER PUBLICATIONS – NOVEMBER 11, 2009

By Rich Trzupek

Usually – heck, almost without exception – the public and media loves to speculate about the motives and ideology of the perpetrator whenever there is a mass murder on American soil. So it’s rather remarkable to think that practically nobody in the mainstream media seems to wonder about makes a guy murder thirteen people and wound forty two others.

Well, except that we are told definitively not to wonder about one particular thing. No less an authority than the President of the United States has warned us not to “jump to conclusions” about Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s motives for opening fire in a Fort Hood processing center.

Heavens no – wouldn’t want that. It’s not like he was some obviously right wing nut job – like a fundamentalist Christian blowing up an abortion clinic – in which case the media happily jumps to as many conclusions as possible about not only fundamentalist Christians, but the very institution of Christianity itself.

And it’s not like Hasan was repeatedly shouting “Allahu akbar” as he fired – oh wait – yes he did. Still, that doesn’t really mean anything. Surely that behavior was just another manifestation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (otherwise known as: “Bush’s fault”), which will be rather hard to prove given that Hasan had not yet been within 8,000 miles of a war zone. However, apologists have already begun to speculate (which we are not supposed to do) that Hasan suffers from a contagious version of PTSD called “secondary trauma”. Yeah, that’s it.

The mainstream media ran away from Hasan’s possible religious motivation in no time, fleeing from that subject as though being pursued by a horde of zombies, which, in retrospect, perhaps they are.

By Sunday, CNN stressed that “Authorities have not identified a motive in the attack at Fort Hood’s military processing center…” And that’s about all on that subject from CNN, which has built an international reputation on always taking the word of the authorities and never, ever digging any deeper than that.” Allahu akbar” indeed!

MSNBC decided that Hasan might be “anti-American” (gee, ya think?) but dutifully parroted the party line: “No motive for the shootings yet” an MSNBC Sunday headline explained. Super. What else don’t you know guys? That always makes for fascinating reading.

The only breath of fresh air, of course, were those lying right-wing nut jobs over at Fox who, despite the White House’s explicit instructions to toe the line, continue to treat the Fort Hood massacre as an important, ongoing news story. As of Sunday, Fox News continued to feature eight Fort Hood stories on their home page, if you can believe that. But then, it’s not like they’re a REAL news network or anything.

But let’s not be too hard on the mainstream media. They are doing the best they can. Maria Newman, writing in the New York Times, described Hasan as “…single, according to the records, and he listed no religious preference.” No religious preference eh? Hmmm, wonder what all those “Allahu akbars” were about then? Perhaps he was clearing his throat.

It’s not like he attended the radical Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Great Falls, Virginia. Okay, yeah he did that. Still, it’s not like he attended the mosque at the same time as two of the 9-11 terrorists. Wait. It seems that he did that too. We’ll give you that one. But it’s not like his preacher there was Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Islamic scholar who has been banned from speaking in Britain and who is roundly accused of supporting terrorist organizations and terrorists attacks. Crap – that part is true too. See what happens when you “speculate”? You inevitably uncover facts that make people feel damned uncomfortable, and we sure as heck can’t have that!

As long as we don’t speculate, it will all turn out okay. That’s the important part. Sit tight, go about your business and wait until the White House tells you exactly what you are supposed to conclude.

The truly ironic part, of course, is that the people who get screwed the worst are those Muslims who reject the fanatic fundamentalism of guys like – well, maybe guys like – Hasan. Islamic fanatics kill more Muslims than anybody else. Shoot, more Muslims died during the September 11 attacks that have ever been killed by Christians (or anybody else) in this country as part of religiously-motivated attacks. Still, one can not be too careful. Those damned Christians might get riled up any minute. Best to tread lightly. Whatever evidence that this particular mass-murderer might be a religious fanatic should be scrupulously ignored. So stop that speculation, immediately!

Nothing to see here.

Nothing at all.


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