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September 9, 2009

Little of This, Little of That

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By Rich Trzupek

There is much to criticize about President Obama’s administration, but one can find the occasional gem if one searches. The President’s comments about Africa (continental slogan: “We make Blago look like a saint!”) are welcome indeed.

He upbraided African leaders for mismanaging their nations, their people, their vast resources and just about everything else that could possibly be mismanaged. OK, he didn’t exactly use those words, but in diplomatic speak, that was pretty much the gist.

It’s a silly example of political correctness that a white American President can’t take African leaders to task for their rampant corruption, but such is the way of the world today. A black American President can, and should. Kudos to Obama for telling it like it is.

It’s been about half a century since colonial rule ended in Africa. The claims that the west sapped African wealth and resources – exaggerated claims to begin with, although with a core of truth – are no longer relevant. If you can’t straighten yourself out, indeed if you have managed to make things even worse for your people after fifty years, you’re clearly the problem, not the solution.

Billions upon billions of aid from the west have gone to line the pockets of the thugs and thieves who govern much of Africa, doing little or nothing to improve the plight of the common man in those nations. It’s a disgraceful situation and the President is to be praised for pointing out this blindingly obvious, and pitiful, truth.

Meanwhile, back in the states, the eastern half of the nation has just enjoyed, or possibly endured (depending on your preferences), one of the coldest summers in recent history. And what about all those hurricanes that global warming theorists predicted? We’re still waiting. This is, of course, not evidence that global warming theory is a fallacy to true believers. This is rather a matter of “weather patterns” in their minds.

Let’s discount the obvious truth that, had the nation suffered through a brutally hot summer and had the Gulf Coast been besieged by hurricanes, Al Gore’s disciples and their media lapdogs would have been wagging their fingers in everyone’s faces, shouting “I told you so’s!” until they were hoarse.

Instead, let us consider this whole “weather pattern” thingy. Clearly, if “weather patterns” can influence the climate, then there are other factors out there – in addition to man-made “greenhouse gases” – that affect the temperature of the planet. Which, as I recall, is what scientists like yours truly have been saying all along.

Expect true believers to cling to the shrinking Arctic ice pack as the ultimate proof that human-induced global warming is reality. You’ll hear nothing of the fact that mass of Arctic ice – which is what actually matter – continues to increase, or that the mass of ice in Antarctica, repository of about 95% of the planet’s frozen water, continues to increase as well. These are truly inconvenient truths.

Some projections indicate that the Arctic ice sheet will once again begin to increase in area again this winter, another bit of evidence that global warming is a farce that will be ignored by the mainstream media if it comes to pass. This too will be attributed to “weather patterns”, which appear to affect the climate, but not in the ways that global warming acolytes would like, but which make clinging to their religion an increasingly more uncomfortable exercise.

August gave us another dead Kennedy, which threw part of the nation into mourning and another part into chorus of “good riddance’s”. Your humble correspondent doesn’t often speak ill of the dearly departed, but I would tend to cast a vote with the latter group.

America quietly yearns for royalty to admire and the Kennedy clan is the closest thing we’ve got, but the Massachusetts’s family’s claim to lordship is based more on perfidy than principle. The family’s patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, would have had America meekly pay homage to the Nazi juggernaut during World War II and it’s pretty much been downhill ever since.

Dead Ted’s list of sins is long and he is, no doubt, anxiously trying to explain them away to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates as we speak. Few of those transgressions require recounting, so I will consider one of the more obscure variety.

Ted Kennedy was an unapologetic supporter of the Irish Republican Army during “the troubles” in Ireland, once declaring that Protestants should leave that island nation if they were not willing to acquiesce to the IRA’s demands. That was a revolting stance, to this Catholic and many others in America, for it involved trashing one of our country’s most respected principles: approving of religious factionalism with a wink and poorly-concealed nod rather than adhering to the principles of tolerance that were so important to our Founders.

The Obama administration, along with a healthy fraction of the mainstream media, are now desperately and shamelessly trying to invoke dead Ted’s “sainted” memory in an effort to ram socialized medicine down the nation’s throat. This, we are reliably informed, was dead Ted’s “dream”.

If that is so, we need ask no further questions. The dreams of the Kennedy clan have been a nightmare for America far too often. Kennedy, and socialized medicine, should both be put to rest and both should be quietly – and mercifully – forgotten.


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